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Fill the Sawyer Water Treatment bottle directly from a lake, stream or faucet, screw the top on and enjoy clean filtered water instantly.

  • Features

    • Hollow fiber membrane filter physically removes particles, protozoa, and bacteria down to 0.1 micron in size, including giardia, salmonella and cryptosporidia
    • All Sawyer water filters meet or exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommendations for removal rates
    • Filter has a high flow rate and provides little resistance so you can easily squeeze water out of the bottle
    • Filter is fully field maintainable with the included backwash syringe to ensure a fast flow of water
    • Standard 63mm cap fits on other wide-mouth water bottles
    • Sawyer Water Treatment filter bottle comes with a Million Gallon Guarantee, essentially eliminating the need to ever have to replace the filter cartridge
    • Includes 32 fl. oz. bottle with cap, hollow fiber filter, backwash syringe, replacement straws, and instructions
    • Polyethylene bottle is 100% BPA free

    Made in USA.

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  • Technical Specs

    Best Use


    Field Cleanable


    Housing Material


    BPA Free



    Protozoa and Bacteria


    3 x 11 inches

    Filter Type


    Filter Medium

    Hollow fiber membrane


    5 ounces

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