Outdoor Knots - Waterproof Plastic Fan Pack

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Learn the 20 best knots to cover every rope-tying situation. Outdoor Knots features easy-to-read, step-by-step drawings on waterproof plastic cards.

  • Features

    • Publisher: John E. Sherry
    • Copyright 2014
    • Perfect for camping, home or car, these cards fit in your shirt pocket, pack or on a key chain
    • Includes bowline, bowline on a bight, buntline hitch, butterfly knot, cleat hitch, clove hitch, constrictor knot, double fisherman's, figure eight, half hitch and mooring knot
    • Also includes prusik knot, rolling hitch, sheet bend, sheep shank, square knot, tautline hitch, timber hitch, trucker's knot and water knot
    • Cards show the steps for each knot and provide tips as to their best use
    • 6 plastic cards are riveted at the corners for easy fanning; entire set weighs less than 1 ounce

    Made in USA.

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