Cane Creek 40-Series Headset

$64.00to $85.00
Color: Black
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A robust, lightweight, long-lasting workhorse, the Cane Creek 40-Series headset sets a standard for performance, durability and value with high-quality interchangeable parts.


  • ZN40 bearings are corrosion-resistant zinc-coated, machined-steel cartridge bearings with hardened steel balls, which vastly increases the longevity of the 40-series headset
  • 6061 T-6 aluminum cups and covers are internally relieved to reduce weight
  • Durable steel crown race
  • Interlok® spacer compatible (spacers not included)
  • Innovative Clip-Seal completely seals the top assembly and captures the compression ring to reduce the number of loose parts
  • High-quality, low friction face seals on the crown races
  • External cups press into head tube
  • Integrated bearings fit directly into compatible head tubes without the need of a bearing press
  • Zero stack uppers press into head tube with very little stack height


How to select your size:

Sizes are formatted as
S.H.I.S. Upper / S.H.I.S Stem Clamp Diameter / S.H.I.S. Lower / Crown Race
(S.H.I.S. stands for Standardized Headset Identification System)

S.H.I.S. upper and lower cups:
  • EC indicates External Cup (stack height: 16 mm top/12 mm bottom)
  • ZS indicates ZeroStack (stack height: 8 or 15 mm top/4 mm bottom)
  • IS indicates Integrated (stack height: 9 or 15 mm top/1 mm bottom)

Bearing sizes:
  • EC30 takes a 38 mm bearing
  • EC34 takes a 41 mm bearing
  • ZS44 takes a 41 mm bearing
  • ZS49 takes a 41 mm bearing
  • EC44/40 takes a 52 mm bearing
  • EC44/33 takes a 47 mm bearing
  • EC49 takes a 52 mm bearing
  • ZS56 takes a 52 mm bearing
  • ZS62 takes a 52 mm bearing
  • IS41 takes a 41 mm bearing
  • IS42 takes a 42 mm bearing
  • IS52 takes a 52 mm bearing
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Technical Specs

Best Use


Headset Type

Complete Headset

Headset Design


Upper Stack Height

ZS44/28.6/EC44/30: 8 millimeters

ZS44/28.6/EC44/40: 8 millimeters

EC34/28.6/EC34/30: 16 millimeters

EC30/25.4/EC30/26: 16 millimeters

Lower Stack Height

12 millimeters


ZS44/28.6/EC44/30: 98 grams

ZS44/28.6/EC44/40: 89 grams

EC34/28.6/EC34/30: 171 grams

EC30/25.4/EC30/26: 171 grams


6061 T-6 aluminum/zinc coated bearings

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