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About Nalgene

Nalgene can trace its roots from a New York science lab to the great outdoors. In 1949, the chemist Emanuel Goldberg developed the first plastic pipette holder, cofounding the Nalge Company in Rochester, New York. For 30 years, Goldberg and his growing team developed the Nalgene line of state-of-the-art polyethylene laboratory equipment including centrifuge bottles, filter units and storage tanks — not the kind of stuff you toss into your backpack for a weekend in the woods. But the scientists did take the smaller, more convenient bottles out of the lab to use on their hikes and other outdoor adventures.

This ""unofficial"" use for Nalgene bottles did not go unnoticed, and caught the eye of the company president, Marsh Hyman. Marsh Hyman's son was in the Boy Scouts and, like those scientists who worked at his dad's company, he and his fellow scouts soon put to good use the smaller sized Nalgene containers: storing pancake mix, holding shampoo, keeping matches dry, toting along trail mix, and of course, water. Not one to miss an opportunity, Marsh soon incorporated hiking and camping end-use designs into the Nalgene product line. Today, Nalgene continues to produce BPA-free containers of all types for hiking and camping.

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