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About Dansko

The Dansko story began with horses back in 1990 while the husband-and-wife team of Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot were on a horse-buying excursion in Peter's native Denmark. Peter and Mandy returned home from that trip to their horse-training farm in Pennsylvania with a few more horses, and they also returned clad in Danish closed-back clogs. It didn't take long for their friends and family to catch wind of the pairs' newest favorite pairs of shoes, and trips to Denmark turned into clog-buying excursions. Back home at horse shows, Peter and Mandy sold their Danish delights out of the back of their Volvo station wagon. Their marketing style may have been seat-of-the-pants, says Mandy, but their intentions were pure and their values were solid. They still are, and Dansko footwear still adheres to Peter's mantra, each pair "has to be comfortable."

Today, headquarters for Dansko — literally "Danish Shoe" — is a LEED Gold Certified building in West Grove, Pennsylvania. Leading by example in both their community and the world of footwear, Dansko believes in and practices sustainable living, offering comfort footwear that leaves a light environmental footprint.

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