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About Ahnu

Preferring trails over treadmills, and enjoying outside activities with friends and family as a way to unwind from life's demands, Jenny Fredericks and Jacqueline Van Dine — friends, mothers, athletes and industry veterans — helped to found Ahnu in the spring of 2007, making "outdoor" more accessible, just as fun and a little less "agro." Hoping to inspire a life of nature sufficiency, the founders combined their passions by engineering performance shoes with modern organic aesthetics, stylish designs and sleek, vibrant colors. Ahnu works with leading biomechanists, designers and athletes to develop footwear that will provide the right balance of traction, grip, flexibility, cushioning and durability whether on trails, beaches or sidewalks.

Ahnu and the footwear they offer balances fitness and fashion, performance and aesthetics, profit and philanthropy, and work and play. It's fitting that the California-based company is named after Ahnu, the Celtic goddess of balance between well-being and prosperity.

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