W W Norton Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law

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An irresistible investigation into the interactions between wildlife and humans, Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law offers hope for compassionate coexistence in our ever-expanding human habitat.

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    • Fascinating, witty, humane and based on true events, Fuzz dives into human behavior and wildlife biology to investigate the unpredictable world where wildlife and humans meet
    • In these human-wildlife conflicts, the conclusion is almost always the same: The humans are at fault, for invading wildlife territories and expanding human habitat
    • And yet, after tagging along tags along with investigators and genetic scientists, Roach offers hope for compassionate coexistence in our ever-expanding human habitat

    Made in USA.

    From the publisher:
    300 years ago, animals that that broke the law would be assigned legal representation and taken to trial; these days, as author Mary Roach reveals in Fuzz: When Nature Breaks the Law, the answers are best found not in jurisprudence but in the curious science of human-wildlife conflict, a discipline at the crossroads of human behavior and wildlife biology. In this investigation, Roach tags along with investigators and genetic scientists trying to find out what happens whenever there is an interaction between humans and wildlife. Intrepid as ever, she travels from leopard-terrorized hamlets in the Indian Himalaya to St. Peters Square in the early hours before the pope arrives for Easter Mass, when vandal gulls swoop in to destroy the elaborate floral display. She taste-tests rat bait, learns how to install a vulture effigy and gets mugged by a macaque. Combining little-known forensic science and conservation genetics with a motley cast of laser scarecrows, langur impersonators, and trespassing squirrels, Roach reveals as much about humanity as about nature's lawbreakers. When it comes to "problem" wildlife, she finds, humans are more often the problem—and the solution.
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