The Best Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders: Trail Mix

The shredder in your life won’t be disappointed with these 16 gift ideas.


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First on any skier or snowboarder’s wish list? Fresh pow. Second? Perhaps a tuning kit, goggles, boot heaters or a new hoodie. Our staff culled this list of the best gift ideas for any ripper because⁠—ahem⁠—’tis the season to be steazin’.

Hotronic Custom S4 Heating Elements Foot Warmer Kit

Warm feet = happy skier

Hotronic Custom S4 Heating Elements Foot Warmer Kit

Warm skiers make the best partners. Not only are they nicer and less prone to complaining than cold skiers, but they ride longer between breaks, too. Cash in on such benefits by hooking your buddy up with this kit from Hotronic, which includes a couple of rechargeable heating elements, perfect for hard, plastic ski boots. They work with most insoles (including snowboard boots and hiking boots), and the beeper-size battery packs easily affix to an ankle cuff or power strap. Four settings allow for varying temperatures (ranging from 2.5 hours to 21 hours per charge). $254

DAKINE Cool Lock

Protect your babies.

DAKINE Cool Lock

The sad truth is that skis and boards can walk away from the racks at the resort. Instead of springing for your pal’s replacement rig, beat the five-finger discount with this $15 piece of hardware. With the DAKINE Cool Lock, your friend can customize a four-digit combination and secure their skis or board to a rack during breaks on the hill. The 3-foot-long cable retracts into the tiny housing, which is small enough to fit in a jacket’s chest pocket. $15

Smith 4D MAG ChromaPop Snow Goggles

See more, BE more.

Smith 4D MAG ChromaPop Snow Goggles

Loved one in the market for new gogs? Consider gifting the new 4D MAG ChromaPop, which boasts the biggest field of view in the category. With Smith’s new technology—called BirdsEye Vision—the semi-frameless lens wraps around the bottom of the goggles, allowing the wearer to see an area that’s typically blocked by face foam and plastic. Best part? That tech doesn’t come at the expense of aesthetics: The 4D MAG ChromaPop, which has two interchangeable lenses, is slick. Available in regular and low-bridge fit. $280

Patagonia Snowshot 3-in-1 Jacket

*when wearing the Snowshot* Smiling’s my favorite!

Patagonia Snowshot 3-in-1 Jacket (men’s) and Snowbelle 3-in-1 Jacket (women’s)

Layering requires a little planning ahead. Help make it a hair easier for your giftee with this twofer: The Snowshot and Snowbelle have removable, puffy-style liners that the wearer can ditch on scorchers. Both the shell and liner (which has synthetic insulation) are OK to wear alone, and the puffy is even reversible, so your pal can switch up their look. And you’ll earn some eco cred, too: Patagonia made this piece with mostly recycled materials. Available in men’s and women’s. $399

Ski The East Icon Pullover Hoodie

East Coast skiers may be made of stiffer stuff, but they still love brand-new, fuzzy sweatshirts.

Ski The East Icon Pullover Hoodie

East Coast skiers hold their edges on ice, suffer through negative wind chills and wrestle bears for fun. Acknowledge your East Coast-skiing friend’s resilience and regional pride this holiday season with a Ski The East sweatshirt. Particularly salty gift givers can consider including a My Condolences card about the East Coast’s lack of blower powder. Available in women’s and men’s. $68

GoPro HERO8 Black

Capture any moment/ begin your dream of becoming an influencer.

GoPro HERO8 Black Camera

No, the latest-and-greatest from GoPro isn’t reserved for skiers and snowboarders. But rippers will certainly appreciate the HERO8’s HyperSmooth 2.0 technology, which offers three levels of gimbal-like video stabilization. The handheld camera is slimmer than previous iterations (2.6 by 1.9 by 1.1 inches) and includes new digital lenses that let you toggle between four different photo views. It also has time-lapse video, touch display, burst photos, live streaming, weatherproofing, voice control and more. $400

Outdoor Research Gripper Heated Sensor Gloves

It’s called strategy.

Outdoor Research Gripper Heated Sensor Gloves

Take one of the highest-rated winter gloves at REI, add a heater, and you’re blessed with these cold-weather finger fortresses from Outdoor Research. A removable, rechargeable battery in the cuff of each glove powers palm-to-finger warmth at the touch of a button. Get up to eight hours of heat on the lowest setting (five on medium and 2.5 on high), then plug the batteries into the wall with an included charger and juice them for another warm day on the hill. Bonus: They’re touchscreen-friendly. $199

SOG ParaShears

One multi-tool to rule them all.

SOG ParaShears

The survivalist in your life will swoon over this multi-tool. Designed for first responders, the SOG ParaShears boasts 12 tools including everything from a strap cutter to a glass breaker. Excessive for the everyday skier? Maybe. But for the right recipient, this tool might be the pocket piece (or at least chairlift conversation piece) they’ve been searching for. $69.95

DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer

Do it for yourself and for your roommates, please.

DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer

Sweat-soaked, snowmelt-saturated boot liners pose a problem for both the wearer (an invitation to next-day cold toes) and friends (breathe through your mouth). Say no to both with this contraption from DryGuy. A pair of energy bar-size fans slides neatly into boot liners and plugs into an included AC/DC power adaptor, so your buddy can dry at home or in the car. The hybrid system pulls air over a thermal element before venting, heating boots (great for regular shoes, too) and drying them faster than a traditional fan system (DryGuy estimates between two and five hours). $40


Bibs: extra warm and highly stylish.

PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING Seattle Bib (women’s) and Yakoumo Bib (men’s)

Shopping for a cold friend? Upgrade their threads with these britches, which have removable bibs so the wearer can customize warmth and coverage. They also have 40 grams of synthetic insulation, thigh vents, stretchy side panels and a neat pulley in the pocket to hike up the pant hems for après. But the best part is that you can feel good giving them: PICTURE ORGANIC CLOTHING is committed to sustainability, and these pants are made with recycled materials and PFC-free water repellent. Available in women’s and men’s. $219-$250

Flylow Baker Bib

Plus: pockets for snacks!

Flylow Baker Bib (men’s) and Foxy Bib (women’s)

Shopping for a hot friend? French fry lovers and backcountry tourers will appreciate these waterproof/breathable shells. Equipped with inner and outer thigh vents, the Flylow Baker has a 20K/20K membrane (meaning it can withstand 20,000mm of water per square inch and release 20,000g of water vapor per square meter—both top-of-the-line figures). The three-layer fabric also has ultradurable Cordura reinforcements, making it great for skiers and riders who have been known to lose battles with ski edges and tree branches. Available in men’s and women’s. $420

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Swix Thermometer

It’s the perfect temp for shredding.

Swix Thermometer

The hotdogger in your life doesn’t need this retro thermometer from Swix, but they probably won’t be mad about it. The old-school design suits this novelty to a cabin or garage, but its primary colors actually serve a purpose, indicating which Swix wax is ideal for the temperature (if your friend is in the business of daily tuning). $29.95

Black Diamond Mercury Insulated Mittens

Glove wearers beware: Once you swing over to the mitten side, you don’t go back.

Black Diamond Mercury Insulated Mittens

Like a great BOGO deal, the Black Diamond Mercury is modular with insulated split-finger liners and waterproof mitts that can be worn separately or together. The lobster-style liners—which offset your thumb and index finger, but keep your three other fingers together—are equipped with PrimaLoft Gold insulation, superwarm, high-loft fleece and waterproof inserts. In spicy weather, your friend can add the Pertex shells. $109.95

DAKINE Deluxe Tuning Kit

For the DIY’er in your life.

DAKINE Deluxe Tune Kit

Give the gift of a quick ride, sharp edges and a hint with this 10-piece tuning kit from DAKINE. The binder-size, zip-up case contains all the tools necessary for filing edges, waxing and buffing bases and filling in core shots. All that’s missing is an iron. (Two-for-one shopping idea: Upgrade your mom’s regular iron, then take her old one for ski service.) $65

Coal The Stanwood Hood

Keep the dome warm.

Coal The Stanwood Hood

Hoods are great for blocking wind, rain and haters. The only problem? They’re typically attached to jackets. Not so with The Stanwood Hood from Coal. The best part of a hoodie, the standalone fleece-lined hood can be worn with any outer layer on a bare head or over a cap or helmet for extra warmth. (Think of it as an ultrawarm balaclava that can fit over a helmet.) A long neck gaiter tucks into layers to seal out cold spots, and it has a nifty drawcord to snug it around the face without necessitating bouncy laces. $34

Teva Ember Moc Booties

Sneaker slippers are where it’s at.

Teva Ember Moc Slippers

Level up your companion’s parking-lot footwear with these insulated slip-ons. The skier in your life will, of course, love swapping hard, plastic boots for these hotel pillow-soft slippers, but the Teva Ember Mocs generically elicit universal appreciation: They’re great for camp, long flights and even the (casual) office. A collapsible heel allows for easy on-off and wearing them like clogs, while a ribbed, rubber outsole provides some traction. Available in women’s and men’s. $75

All photography by Andrew Bydlon.

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