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    How to Train for Kayaking and SUP

    Get training and tips and exercises to help you get in shape for kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

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    Intro to Kayaking

    This beginner-level series covers everything you need to know for your first time kayaking.

  3. Buying Guides

    How to Choose a Kayak Spray Skirt

    To decide which spray skirt is right for you, first consider materials and design and then make sure you get a proper fit.

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  4. Skills

    Kayaking Safety

    Our kayak safety tips set you up for successful adventures. Instead of obsessing about danger, focus on stacking the odds in your favor.

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  5. Skills

    Parts of a Kayak: Understanding Your Boat

    The names of many kayak parts are easily understood; others, not so much. Our handy visual guide shows you what?s what and what?s where.

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  6. Checklists

    Kayaking Checklist

    This comprehensive checklist for a day of kayaking includes required and optional gear, clothing, accessories and repair-kit items.

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  7. Care & Repair

    Kayak Storage

    Learn how to store a wood, fiberglass, or plastic kayak (indoors or outdoors) so that it's protected from weather, theft and deterioration.

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  8. Buying Guides

    Paddling Safety and Rescue Gear

    Learn about the basic safety equipment you should have on board when paddling your favorite waterways.

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  9. Skills

    How to Choose a Paddling Route

    Plan your canoe or kayaking route with our how-to guide. You'll need to consider distance, launching and landing points, campsites and more.

    rated 3 out of 5 with 1 reviews
  10. Skills

    What to Wear Kayaking

    Changing clothes while in a kayak on the water isn?t easy. So, clothing choices on the shore are key. We offer proven strategies and tips.

    rated 4.5 out of 5 with 12 reviews
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    How to Launch and Land a Kayak

    Every kayak trips starts with a launch and ends with a landing. Learn basic steps for shore and dock put-ins and take-outs.

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    How to Tow a Kayak

    When another kayaker is struggling, you might need to give them a tow. We?ll explain how tow belts work and basic towing techniques.

  13. Skills

    How to Do a Kayak T-Rescue

    The T-rescue offers a quick way to get a capsized kayak partner back in their boat. Check out our video and article for the basic steps.

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  14. Skills

    How to Edge and Do a Brace Stroke in Your Kayak

    Capsizes happen. You should be ready if they do and skilled at preventing them. We show how edging and brace strokes can keep you upright.

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  15. Buying Guides

    How to Choose Kayak Paddles

    Choose the right kayak paddle for your height, boat width and stroke style. Plus, get tips on materials and designs.

    rated 4.695652173913044 out of 5 with 115 reviews
  16. Skills

    Kayaking with Kids

    Kayaking with kids may seem like a daunting proposition, but our tips will help you and your kids have a great time on the water.

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  17. Skills

    How to Do a Kayak Self Rescue

    If you capsize while paddling alone, you can get back into your boat via a self rescue. Check out our video and article for the basic steps.

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  18. Skills

    Packing Your Boat

    Read all about how to pack a canoe or kayak for proper trim and gear access; then check out our diagrams of where to place items by weight.

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  19. Skills

    Transporting Your Kayak or Canoe

    Learn the basics of securing your kayak or canoe to the top of your vehicle for transport. Get tips on loading, tying down and driving.

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  20. Buying Guides

    How to Choose a Kayak

    Not all kayaks are created equal. Learn what to consider when choosing between recreational, touring, inflatable or folding kayaks.

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    Paddling Guidelines

    Learn the basics of paddling excursions, including tips on safety, communication and general guidelines for traveling in a group.

  22. Buying Guides

    How to Choose Kayak Accessories

    Accessory gear can make kayak outings easier, more comfortable and more fun. We cover accessories worth considering and offer buying tips.

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  23. Skills

    Tips for Canoe and Kayak Camping

    Our tips for camping by water include guidelines for choosing a campsite, setting up camp, cleanliness, hygiene and safety.

  24. Care & Repair

    How to Clean a Wetsuit

    Rinsing off a wetsuit keeps it fresher. Eventually, though, it will still get stiff or stinky. Cleaning is easy?we explain the basic steps.

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  25. Skills

    How to Paddle a Kayak: Basic Strokes

    With a few simple strokes, you can move your kayak forward, turn it and slow it down. Our article and video give you the basics.

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  26. Skills

    Getting Started Kayaking

    Learn kayak basics including paddling techniques, methods for launching your kayak and essential equipment recommendations.

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  27. Skills

    How to Do a Wet Exit from a Kayak

    Learn how to exit and reenter a kayak after capsizing. Practicing these techniques will increase your confidence during any paddling trip.