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    How to Use a Compass

    It's one of the Ten Essentials, but do you know how to use your compass? Learn the basics of declination, bearings and how to use them.

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    How to Get Started Geocaching

    Geocaching, a type of high-tech treasure hunt, is a fun way to get outdoors and use your GPS receiver. Learn how to play and what to bring.

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    Intro to Navigation

    This beginner-level series covers everything you need to know to get started with navigation.

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    How to Adjust the Declination on a Compass

    Declination, the difference between magnetic north and true north, is key to accurate navigation. Learn how to adjust for it on a compass.

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  5. Buying Guides

    How to Choose a Compass

    This clear, concise guide helps you understand features, terms and technology to find the right compass for your needs.

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  6. Buying Guides

    How to Choose and Use a GPS

    Learn the capabilities, basic functions and key features of handheld GPS receivers and get tips on how to use your new GPS unit.

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    Geocaching with Kids

    Geocaching is a fun family-friendly way to explore the outdoors. Learn the basics, including what geocaching is and how to get started.

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    How to Read a Topo Map

    A topo map is an indispensable navigational tool, but only if you know how to read it. In this article, we'll teach you the basics.

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