Beach Day Checklist

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Illustration with a layout of typical items one might take to the beach

The beach is perhaps Mother Nature’s most approachable outdoor destination. Not every beach is available to everyone, mind you, it’s just that almost everyone loves to dream (and scheme) about relaxation time at the water’s edge.

The wide range of beachy destinations makes any attempt to chronicle needed supplies more of a thought starter than a final checklist. Someone packing to go backpacking along Olympic National Park's wilderness seacoast will have very different needs from a vacationer at a resort along Waikiki Beach, for example.

This list focuses on probable (and possible) gear needs for a warm, sunny day hanging out at a nearby beach. For more elaborate adventures, use this list together with some of our related activities checklists, which appear at the end of this article.

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Site Setup


Site Extras


Food and Drink


Sun and Skin Protection




Water and Shore Gear

Marshmallow and flame

Bonfire Gear

*Always check if fires are permitted and follow local guidelines for building and extinguishing them.

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