Adventure Travel Checklist

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Editor’s note: This article was published prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need to travel, check the CDC FAQ page about COVID-19 risks for travelers, which provides the latest guidance. 

When packing for an international adventure trip, there are a few key things to remember (for more tips, read How to Pack for Adventure Travel):

  1. Go as light as possible. You need less clothing than you think you do;  try to choose items that will do double duty whenever possible. Learn more in How to Pack Light for Traveling.
  2. Keep your most important documents with you at all times (and keep copies where you can retrieve the information if originals are lost or stolen).  
  3. Keep essentials in your carry-on while traveling so you can still function if your main luggage gets lost.
  4. If your adventure is taking you to the backcountry and you’re not traveling with a supported group, be sure to pack The Ten Essentials.
  5. Check your destination’s customs regulations and TSA’s What Can I Bring? before you travel.
  6. The items on the following checklist are merely suggestions so you don’t forget anything important. Adapt the list for your own personal needs.

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Travel Documents



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Clothing & Footwear

When possible, choose synthetic quick-dry clothing that will pack small, wick sweat and dry fast. Look for clothes that can serve more than one purpose and base your choices on the type of trip, trip length and possible weather extremes you expect:


For cold weather, add:



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Travel Gear



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Health & Hygiene

Sun and bug protection:



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Personal Items



To find packing guidelines for specific REI Adventures trips, locate your trip and click on the "gear list" tab.