7 Essentials to Take Your Bouldering Outside

Can’t get enough of the vertical puzzles at your local climbing gym? Gear up with these bouldering basics and take your favorite sport outside.

ORGANIC Climbing Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket

Our favorite part of bouldering is being outside with friends, and this chalk bucket is big enough for the whole crew to share. Forget about spilling chalk in your backpack—the roll-down closure prevents a powdery mess. Made with upcycled scrap materials, each brightly colored chalk bucket is unique and handmade in the United States. $35

For longer boulder problems, clip the prAna Chalk Bag around your waist so you can chalk up before the crux. $35

Black Diamond Uncut White Gold Pure Loose Chalk

Pour a bag of loose chalk into your bucket for easy access between attempts. Made with magnesium carbonate, this chalk dries sweaty hands and improves your grip on the rock. Take note of the rules at outdoor climbing areas or at your gym, however, because some places limit the use of loose chalk to reduce the visual impact or help improve air quality. $14.95

When you need to keep your powder a little more contained, grab a FrictionLabs Magic Chalk Ball. $10

Scarpa Instinct VS Climbing Shoe (Women’s & Men’s)

Get a better feel for tiny footholds with the highly sensitive rubber of the Scarpa Instinct VS. With a moderately downturned fit, these shoes are a great option for honing your technique on boulders and routes. Lock into heel and toe hooks with the form-fitting heel cup and textured rubber toe patch. If your feet need a break between attempts, the hook-and-loop strap makes it easy to slip these on and off. $209

Prefer a less aggressive option that still climbs well? We also love the Scarpa Force V (Women’s & Men’s) $169

Black Diamond Circuit Crash Pad

With adjustable shoulder straps and a comfy hip belt, this crash pad is perfect for cruising to all your favorite boulder problems. High-compression polyurethane foam will help support your landing on every fall, so you can hop back on the rock and send the next one. $199.95

When we need a larger landing zone, the tri-fold Metolius Recon pad for added coverage. $349.95

prAna Kanab pants

Don’t let your clothes get in the way while you’re trying hard on a boulder problem. These lightweight canvas joggers will flow with you through high steps, big reaches or delicate traverses. The knit ankle cuffs allow you to easily see each foot placement, and the comfortable knit waistband ensures coverage in any body position. We love the zip pocket for stashing a phone during the approach, and the double-layer fabric on the knees keeps you climbing in these pants season after season. Plus, they’re made with an organic cotton blend canvas—what’s not to love? $89

Pro-Tec Athletics Resistance Bands

There’s no excuse to skip a warm-up with these light, easy-to-pack resistance bands. Three bands provided light, medium and heavy resistance, making it easy to target muscle groups. Before pulling onto the rock, get your blood pumping to prevent injury and try harder on your project. $14.95

We also like to warm up our fingers and improve grip strength with the So iLL Strength Trainers. $22

Metolius Boar Bush

Don’t let greasy holds blow your best attempts. Use this brush to clean off sweat and excess chalk during your rests. The all-natural boar’s hair bristles are stiff and durable, and the bamboo handle makes this a lightweight choice. $4.95

Looking for an option that’s easier on the planet? The So iLL Distribution Brush 3.0 Eco is made with 100% recycled plastic and has a built-in sandpaper backing for callus care. $10

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