Co-op Cinema

Loading skis into the school bus

REI Presents: Everyone Skis

When schools must move to a four-day week, the Ski for the Health of It (SHI) program stepped in to provide students with a pass to ski on their day off school, consequently stoking a lifelong passion for snowsports in students. Watch their story now. Read More...
Sons of previous Mt Kennedy climbers trekking up the mountain

REI Presents: Return to Mount Kennedy Film

In 1965 Jim Whittaker led Senator Robert Kennedy to the first ascent of a remote mountain in the Yukon named after the late president, JFK. Fifty years later, the sons of the original climbing team embark on an expedition to the mountain to celebrate the special bond that connects them all. Read More...
Batgirl running at night

REI Presents: Batgirl

Ultramarathoner Rhonda-Marie Avery, aka "Batgirl" was born with only 8% vision and is legally blind. Watch her journey to break down the barriers she felt since childhood. Read More...