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Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis is on the content and media team at REI and manages the podcast program. When she’s not binge listening to new shows, she can be found hiking with her dogs, attempting to grow vegetables and learning how to play the banjo. REI member since 2006.

Stories by Chelsea Davis...
Take It From Giselle

Take It From Giselle Cesin

Giselle will climb mountains, no matter what obstacles stand in her way. From heart surgery to an unexpected accident while climbing, she’s faced a number of ch...
Take it from Sarah Uhl

Take It From Sarah Uhl

Sarah Uhl creates beautiful art inspired by nature. 10 years ago she was on the path to becoming a professional cyclist, winning a Jr. World title. From age 13 ...
Take it from Phil Taylor

Take It From Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor is a PhD scientist turned farmer and sustainable agriculture advocate. From spending all of his hours studying to spending all of his hours farming,...
Take it from Brendan Leonard

Take It From Brendan Leonard

Brendan Leonard hates running. Which is why it was surprising when he signed up for a 100-mile race with his best friend. Not only did he figure out how to run ...

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