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Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis is on the content and media team at REI and manages the podcast program. When she’s not binge listening to new shows, she can be found hiking with her dogs, attempting to grow vegetables and learning how to play the banjo. REI member since 2006.

Stories by Chelsea Davis...
And illustration of the Jersey Devil with text overlay that says the Camp Monsters Podcast and The Jersey Devil.

The Tale of the Jersey Devil

Transcript There are more than just birds and shadows in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. For centuries, legends have told of a cursed, winged creature that h...
A drawing of the Thunderbird camp monster with text overlay that says 'Camp Monsters Podcast' and 'Thunderbird'.

The Tale of the Thunderbird

Transcript The Great Plains are known for their flat lands and big skies. There’s no place for a mysterious creature to hide in that great wide open … or so ...
An illustration of Tahoe Tessie with text overlay that says Tahoe Tessie and Camp Monsters Podcast.

The Tale of Tahoe Tessie

Transcript When you go to Lake Tahoe, chances are you’ll see Tahoe Tessie. She’s a sea monster and a minor mascot for the area—pasted on the sides of buses, ...
The Legend of the Batsquatch

The Legend of the Batsquatch

Transcript After the blast of Mount Saint Helens in 1980, the area around the mountain was filled with ash and silence. And then something began to appear in...
Illustrated drawings of camp monsters with text overlay that says Camp Monsters Podcast.

Introducing Camp Monsters

In this 8-part podcast series we'll gather around the campfire and try to scare each other with legends about some of America's favorite monsters. We’ll be trav...

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