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Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis is on the content and media team at REI and manages the podcast program. When she’s not binge listening to new shows, she can be found hiking with her dogs, attempting to grow vegetables and learning how to play the banjo. REI member since 2006.

Stories by Chelsea Davis...
An illustration of Boo, the monster from South Carolina.


Down along the coast of South Carolina, the people of the Sea Islands have a name for that dream that some of them have.  They call it the “Boo,” and it’s been ...


 What is the Hidebehind supposed to be? Just what it sounds like: a creature you never see directly, that always ducks back behind the nearest tree or rock ...


 Bring a flashlight. Or a headlamp, if you have one. Bring a sweater, no matter what the weather is like outside. The further we go, the cooler and darker i...

The Letiche

You’re out swimming when you feel a pinch on your leg. Is it a harmless fish or something a bit more sinister? Meet this week’s Camp Monster… The Letiche. A cre...
Camp Monsters Podcast illustration

Mini Monster: Chupacabra

We’re very excited to announce that YETI, known for their ridiculously strong and durable coolers, bottles, bags, chairs, and other much-needed outdoor gear, is...

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