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Chelsea Davis

Chelsea Davis is on the content and media team at REI and manages the podcast program. When she’s not binge listening to new shows, she can be found hiking with her dogs, attempting to grow vegetables and learning how to play the banjo. REI member since 2006.

Stories by Chelsea Davis...
Take It From Me podcast

Take It From Me Podcast

REI is entering the world of podcasts with Take It From Me, a show about enterprising misfits who took big chances and chased their passions—all in the name of ...
Keith on Take It From Me

Take It From Keith Ladzinski

Keith discovered photography through his brother and their shared love of skateboarding. All it took was one day of shooting skate tricks, and Keith was hooked....
Take It From Gregory

Take It From Gregory Crichlow

Gregory didn’t always dream of owning a bike shop. But when he lost his job as an architect, he combined his passion for design and his love of bicycles. The ou...
Take It From Mo Beck

Take It From Mo Beck

Maureen (Mo) has always been stubborn. Whether it was playing goalie on her soccer team or taking up rock climbing, Mo grew up throwing herself into activities ...
Take It From Allen Lim

Take It From Allen Lim

Allen has always enjoyed tinkering. As a kid, he’d concoct interesting recipes using traditional Chinese ingredients. As an adult, he’s concocting food and spor...

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