Bikepacking Checklist

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Getting ready to head out on a bikepacking adventure? Our comprehensive checklist includes essentials for biking and camping. Organizing your gear into groups can be a good way to remember to pack what you need:

  • Bike gear: This includes things like your bike, helmet, packs and lights.
  • Shelter: Remember your tent, tarp, bivy or hammock.
  • Sleep system: A sleeping bag and pad are the two must-have items.
  • Cooking: Bring a stove, fuel, lighter, mug, pot and spork.
  • Water: Pack a water filter, purification tablets and a water reservoir or bottles.
  • Clothing: You'll want clothes for riding, like bike shorts, jerseys, socks, rain gear and bike gloves, and clothes for camp, such as underwear, a warm hat and a p/c/jackets/f/f-puffyuffy coat.
  • Navigation: Essentials include a map, compass and route description. Many people bring a GPS and/or smartphone.
  • Hygiene/toiletries: Make sure you have sunscreen, lip balm, toothpaste and toilet paper.
  • Bike repair tools: Be prepared with things like spare tubes, a patch kit, pump, tire levers and a mult-tool.
  • First-aid supplies: Bring things like blister pads, bandages and pain-relief pills.
  • Miscellaneous: Food, a headlamp, extra batteries, sunglasses, a camera and a journal are some of the extra items you might want.


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Bike Gear




Sleep System







For Biking:

For Camp:





Bring only as much as you anticipate needing.


Bike Repair Tools


First-Aid Supplies

  • Blister pads
  • Gauze pads
  • Bandages
  • Antibiotic ointment (small packet)
  • Pain-relief pills
  • Splint
  • Medical information/emergency contact card