The Perfect Kit for Climbing Recovery

Training hard to send your next project? Don’t waste your effort by skipping recovery. Between every workout, your muscles and tendons need to rest and repair. Self-care is essential for athletes hoping to prevent injury and climb harder. Pick up these seven tools to optimize your recovery and prepare to crush your next climbing session.

Skratch Labs Sport Recovery Drink Mix

Some of the best recovery methods are the simplest ones. And nothing promotes muscle repair like eating plenty of food and getting a good night of sleep. If you’re fitting your workout into a busy day, replenishing calories can fall to the end of a long to-do list. Luckily, Skratch Labs makes it convenient; this delicious drink mix provides the ideal combination of carbohydrates, protein and fats for post-workout nutrition. Stick this in your climbing pack, and you’ll never forget to refuel after a hard session. $33.95

Climbskin Hand Cream

Sometimes muscle fatigue isn’t your limiting factor during a climbing session—it’s your skin. You can only hold onto textured climbing holds or abrasive rock for so long. Maximize that time by repairing your skin in between workouts with Climbskin Hand Cream. Made by climbers for climbers, this recovery lotion hydrates and soothes raw fingertips, so you can get back on your project faster. If you’re constantly managing sweaty palms, rub in some Climbskin an hour or two before climbing for drier hands on the wall. $24.95

OOFOS OOriginal Sandals

As climbers, we put our feet through a lot. After hours of being crunched into downturned shoes, our toes deserve some pampering. The proprietary OOfoam of the OOriginal Sandals absorbs impact and allows your feet to move naturally on the footbed. Planning a climbing mission deep in the mountains and hoping to minimize your load for the approach? These lightweight sandals are perfect for rest days at basecamp or anywhere, really. $59.95

GoFit Pro Foam Massage Roller

Ever have trouble getting into a high step position while climbing? We love using this tool to help loosen muscles before a workout or ease muscle soreness after climbing. Adding a short session of foam rolling into your warm-up has been shown to increase short-term flexibility, which can help boost your performance on the wall. We like to use longer rollers to massage big muscle groups like the upper back and to stretch out the pecs. (For tips on how to use one, read Foam Roller Exercises.) $30

Trigger Point Massage Ball – 2.6″

Pair a full-size foam roller with a massage ball to cover all of your self-care needs. These tools are great for small, hard-to-reach muscles like the forearms or feet. You can even use a massage ball to carefully roll out the muscles on the back of your neck after a long day of belaying. Similar to a foam roller, this massage ball from Trigger Point can be applied both during your warm-up and your recovery session to boost flexibility and reduce muscle soreness. And at 2.6 inches, they’re easy to stow in a climbing pack for use at the gym or the crag. $17.95

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is one of the most versatile tools for any athlete. In addition to your vinyasa flow, roll out your mat to use during your warm-up routine, core workouts and flexibility sessions. Adding in some stretching after climbing is a great way to wind down while increasing your range of motion. Recent studies have also shown that regular yoga practice can reduce psychological stressors that are associated with injury risk in athletes. We know the slip-resistance and comfort of the Manduka PROlite will make a great addition to your quiver of recovery tools. $99

Pro-Tec Athletics Resistance Bands

Pro-Tec Athletics Resistance Bands

A good warm-up can help reduce the risk of injury and should be part of any climbing session. Resistance bands are light and packable, easy to stash in your backpack to help get your blood flowing before pulling onto your project. Despite our best efforts as climbers, many of us will still face an injury at some point. The Pro-Tec Athletics set includes light, medium and heavy resistance bands, perfect for gradually increasing your load during the recovery process. (For a few exercise options, read Resistance Band Workouts.) Before applying any rehabilitation techniques, make sure to consult a qualified medical professional to help you safely get back to the activities you love. $14.95

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