The Perfect Kit: Digital Nomad

Set up your outback office so you can work while adventuring on the road.

For digital nomads who combine adventures with remote work, packing minimally and efficiently is key. A main tenet of the digital nomadic lifestyle is to live intentionally and simply. That means packing essentials that are functional, durable and versatile. Whether you work remotely for a few weeks or wander the road for months at a time, having the right gear allows you to stay connected and working seamlessly from anywhere. Find what you need here.


AfterShokz Aeropex Headphones

AfterShokz Aeropex headphones

Having a good pair of headphones is nonnegotiable. Aside from being an entertainment and a workout essential, this wireless pair from AfterShokz can also serve as your new work-from-home microphone, thanks to its long battery life and dual noise-canceling mics. The bone-conduction technology that transmits sound through your skull bones works amazingly well, too, and lets your ears remain open to sounds like the screech of a hawk overhead. Additionally, the Aeropex is the perfect outdoor companion because of its IP67 resistance rating to water and dust and its flexible wrap-around design that makes for easy all-day wear.  $159.95


Peak Design Tech Pouch

The digital nomad lifestyle has many virtues, like flexibility and freedom, but no one warns you about all of the cables! Keeping all of your digital accessories organized and consolidated is a major challenge. Peak Design has a simple, bombproof and highly water-resistant solution, giving you one place to find all your things—batteries, power adapters and all the other tech goodies that are necessary for work and play. $59.95


NOMAD Universal Cable USB-A

Having one cable for multiple devices frees up space and reduces clutter, while providing charging connectivity for most (if not all) of your gadgets. NOMAD’s versatile cable also has a Kevlar® reinforced housing that brings durability along for the ride. One caveat is that it only charges one thing at a time: The different plugs are interchangeable but not for simultaneous use. With a few of these you can probably replace the 20 or so cables you currently have. $39.95


MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Lantern

M Powered Luci Outdoor 2.0 Solar Lantern

MPOWERD’s little light of yours will either be one of those things you use all the time or will come in clutch when you least expect it. Either way, its waterproof construction and ability to collapse down to less than an inch thick gives this illuminator a well-deserved spot on your packing list. Charge it for free during the day with its built-in solar panel and it’ll be ready for use each night. $24.95

Garmin inReach Explorer+

When going off the grid, you need to have a safety net. The Garmin inReach Explorer+ provides that in the form of preloaded topography maps, GPS navigation and sending and receiving text messages via satellite. When activated with a subscription, the inReach Explorer+ allows you to stay connected while going farther. This device brings the ultimate peace of mind and connectivity while you’re navigating (or stranded in) the great outdoors. $450

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

Espresso on-the-go is essential to keeping up your energy while living a nomadic life, and AeroPress delivers the perfect product. This compact and simple coffee maker allows you to brew up a rich, smooth cup of java in its included mug and have it ready in 60 seconds. Cleaning up is quick and easy, with parts nesting inside of each other to minimize the storage space required for this luxury caffeinator. You will need a separate stove for boiling water, but you’ll already have that if you’re cooking meals. Winner of an Editor’s Choice Award. $31.95


Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 500X Portable Power Station

A general rule for digital nomads is to pack light and nimble. But every rule needs an exception—especially for times you need to go off the grid but still need to power a mobile office or your mini fridge. When equipped with the separate solar panel (below), Goal Zero’s Yeti Lithium 500X Portable Power Station essentially becomes a solar-powered generator, giving you 12v, AC and USB outlets for each of your power needs. The power is provided by a 500-watt hour lithium-ion battery (read: the best of the best). There’s also a built-in inverter that provides sustained power to heavy-duty items like a CPAP-machine, microwave, hair dryer and portable fridges. With all of that functionality, you just might find the Yeti’s bulk, weight and cost to be more than worth it. $699.95


Goal Zero Boulder 100 Solar Panel Briefcase

Goal Zero Panel

Get these twin solar panels to recharge your Goal Zero power station. The rugged panels are hinged together so they can be folded up for storage or transport. They can also be chained to another solar panel for faster charging capability. With the right planning, you can essentially have free and unlimited electricity while out on the road. Back home this is an ideal complement to your emergency preparedness kit, a double win. $299.95


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