The Greatest Terrible Ski Resort Reviews

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Apparently Ullr can't please everyone, no matter how blower the pow.

We got an email highlighting Yelp's 25 top-rated ski resorts, which got us wondering: What's not to like about a ski hill? Well, plenty it appears. From expensive socks ($18, Gasp!) to so many mysterious, locked doors in the lodge, these are the best bad Yelp and Google reviews of some of the ski resorts we love the most.


Very boring.” —Ilyia Kaushansky


“Nothing here is very difficult.” —D.W.


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"Find a place that doesn't shoot poison into the air to make it snow more." —Roald %

Winter Park

“Could not find socks for less than $18 a pair.” —Alex W.


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“The vibe is so BAD. Seriously, everybody here is an asshole.” —Ramsey S.

“I get there on a snowy day, and I see nothing but moguls everywhere.” —Kam S.


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“I found the layout of the base lodge to be mystifying with lots of locked doors. I never did figure out why they lock so many doors.” —John D.


“What's up with your wide open highway trails having bumps in them? Don't you guys groom those? Then why were my knees pistoning up and down like Alexandre Bilodeau on his gold medal run?” —Bobby T

Bretton Woods

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“The men's restroom had a nasty stench that was not addressed throughout the day.” —Tom G.


“The powder would blow into these giant snow drifts that would jam my skis if I wasn't careful, and I had to take my goggles off multiple times because the snow was caking on them and I couldn't see! Plus, there was not a single green slope on the entire mountain I went on.”  —Solomon S.


“Most of the rental gear was old and stinky.” —Dan C.

“The 'grooming,' and I'm using that term loosely, was like the junior race teams were given a case of Jolt cola each and allowed to roam the mountain in the cats.” —Zakk D.


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“Every blue run looks just like every other blue run and every black run is just a blue run with moguls on it." —Debbie D.

“The snow completely sucked. At least the philly cheese steak at Enzo's was awesome. The fries were insanely good as well.” —Char L.

Arizona Snowbowl

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“They are the only mountain on earth that uses sewer water to make snow, hope you can keep yer mouth shut if you fall.” —Jacob J.

Sugar Bowl

“The slopes are short and more difficult than expected. The food selection is small and not very tasty.” —Amy H.


“The trails are extremely crowded with many skiers/boarders traveling in packs.” J. Wei

"Meh." May G.

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