A Day in the Life at Red River Gorge

We could live this day on repeat and be happy for a long, long time.

Climbing means many different things to our community and comes in many different forms. Places like the Red River Gorge are unique in that they offer a smorgasbord of opportunities for various climbing styles—and an unlimited supply of rock. Whether you want to climb the biggest holds you’ll ever fall off of or conquer cracks in a backcountry setting that rival most any in the West, you can find it in Red River Gorge.

Last fall, I went to the Red to explore two extremes: high-end sport climbing (naturally), as seen through the eyes of a traveling Israeli climber, and the lesser-known RRG phenomena of ground-up, first ascent, trad climbing, Kentucky native Heath Rowland’s specialty.

Through this short video, we explore a day in the life of each of these climbers.

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