A quick warning: this podcast contains some curse words and may not be suitable for young listeners.


In Glacier, Misha learns about what it means to be indigenous to a place from Derek DeRosier, Tom Rodgers and David Treuer. She learns about the Blackfeet tribe and their experience with Glacier. Derek then leads her on a tour of the east side of the park, to Two Medicine Valley, and tells her how his dad fought to become a park vendor. Misha also talks to Vivian Wang about what it takes to become a park ranger, and how hard it can be for people of color.

Glacier is the land of the Blackfeet, Salish, Pend d’Oreille and Kootenal tribes. 

More about the podcast:

Hello, Nature host, Misha Euceph, didn’t know about the National Parks until she turned 21. But after an experience in Joshua Tree and watching 12 hours of a national park documentary, she sets out on a road trip to answer the question: if the parks are public, aren’t they supposed to be for everyone? In this podcast, she goes out to see America and tell a new story of our national parks.

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