The Joy of Resilience

There’s joy in resilience. In gritting your teeth and digging in your heels. A sense of accomplishment when you push through the hardest things and come out on the other side swinging.

These are stories of people who faced challenges with courage and spirit — a reminder that perseverance has silver linings.

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Designing Gear For Women

Edita Hadravska standing with ski poles


Edita Hadravska, the design director at Arc’teryx, is firmly against the idea that women’s gear needs to be anything other than functional and well made. She’s out to remind everyone that women are an essential part of the outdoor industry.

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How I Fell in Love with the Outdoors

A women climbing the side of a rock face

If you want to ski, climb, mountain bike or hike like a girl, look no further. These four Arc’teryx athletes have wisdom to share and a whole lotta accolades to boot.

Gambling in the Winds with Jesse Huey

Climber Jesse Huey relaxing in a hammock on the side of a rock face

For Jesse Huey, setting off to complete a climbing route in the Wyoming wilderness was about more than just reaching the top. It was to remember and honor his friend, Hayden Kennedy. See the show notes for more details.

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