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Flash Floods: Video from Zion Shows How Quickly They Appear, How Swiftly They Flow

Here’s a vivid reminder to never shrug off flash flood warnings.

On Sunday videographer Kent Wilson captured dramatic footage of a flash flood suddenly filling a creekbed west of Zion National Park.

Though no rain was falling at that location, upstream waters from rain falling elsewhere on the plateau soon flowed into North Creek and turned into a log-filled torrent that churned its way to the creek’s confluence with the Virgin River.

The footage was filmed near the tiny town of Virgin, where the Kolob Terrace Road meets Utah route 9, about 12 miles west of Zion’s west entrance in the town of Springdale.

Park spokeswoman Alyssa Baltrus says at least 25 people were stranded by floods in and around the park but all made it to safety on their own the following day.

If in areas prone to flash flooding, avoid entering narrow washes, gullies, ravines and slot canyons. Be aware of rain falling in nearby high country terrain; hours later it could without warning flow to lower elevations where you are exploring. That’s what transpired in this video. Just because it’s not raining in your location does not guarantee your area will remain unaffected.

Ever have a close call with a flash flood or abrupt rainstorm?

Posted on at 1:59 PM

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Tren D Zucker

I love the comments. "Is that what it looks like?". "Where did all that water come from?" Morons.

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Tren D Zucker

I love the comments "Is that what it looks like?" and "Where does all that water come from?". Must be democrats



HA! Democrats..

Smarter Than You

Why would someone delete your post? It's funny. Ignorant people who make political commentary for no reason are hysterical. "Must be democrats." Do you see the complete lack of relevance to the actual comments? I mean, I'm sure you do. There's no relevance. The hahahahaha is my favorite part. Funny stuff. You should do stand up.

Smarter Than You

Do you mean to go ahead and delete "HAHAHAHAHAHA"? Or delete the whole irrelevant quote? It's hard to tell. Either way, it' pretty cool how you can tell political leanings by reading comments. You should try to market that. You're like a psychic, in that psychics are also good at randomly guessing shit.


But seriously, That's some awesome footage.

Cinder the Chute

It was not Democrats is was crack head members of the Teaparty. Years ago in the same area, we gathered our gear and headed to higher ground. They used to sound an alarm in the area when flash floods were heading toward the area.


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