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Evolution Basin on the PCT

The Joys of Section Hiking

Many backpackers dream of spending weeks—or even months—on trail. But most folks can’t swing the time commitment required to thru-hike classics like the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail and Continental Divide Trail. The solution? Learn to embrace the joys of section hiking. Read More...

Co-op Cinema


REI Presents: Women in Fire

Smoke jumpers. Rappel crew. Firefighters. Meet the women who are protecting our forests, and learn how REI is partnering with the National Forest Foundation to make our forests better. Read More...

REI Presents: How to Run 100 Miles

How to Run 100 Miles follows two normal guys as they train for and run their first ultramarathon,100-mile race. Running isn't something that comes naturally to them or to most of us, but at least they have each other. Youʼll laugh, you'll cheer and you'll probably get a lump in your throat. Read More...