A Thousand Strange Places


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Dear Stranger,

This is a strange land we were born into, you and I. And we are but strangers meeting on a dusty trail. I am glad that you left the familiar. What a shame it would’ve been to have never met.

I can see you’ve traveled far, through distant corners and far-off seas—the rivers becoming your guides and the mountains, your guardians.

Your eyes look weathered and full—filled with colors of a thousand sunsets, filled with the eyes of the ones you’ve now met. Long ago you abandoned your comforts and now you are far from your shore.

You have chosen to change, to shake the dust from your skin and encounter the unknown. And now, you’ve witnessed the secret the world whispers: that all of us laugh and all of us cry. And this secret has made you all the more human.

And now stranger, I hope your journey continues, that you go on to see in new ways. For you have seen me. And for that I am grateful. How strange it is that we could become friends. And that home could become a thousand strange places.

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