5 Women Who Are Changing the Face of Running

Follow the Instagram accounts of these female trail runners, who each bring a fresh perspective to the sport.

From encouraging body positivity to advocating for conservation, these women are using social media to take running to a whole new level.

Clare Gallagher: @clare_gallagher_runs

The Mountain Maven

Born and raised in Colorado, it’s hard to find anyone more in love with the mountains than Gallagher. She stopped running after college but picked up the sport again when she discovered trail running. For her first 100-miler, the notoriously gnarly Leadville 100, she claimed the second-fastest women’s time in the race’s history. Today Gallagher runs pro, sponsored by The North Face, and can often be found logging hills, exploring new trails, and skiing backcountry lines.

Kelly Roberts: @kellykkroberts

The Body Image Warrior

Earlier this year, Roberts wrote a powerful essay for Outside magazine. “All my life, the fitness industry has shown me how strength is supposed to look, and it never looked like me. Today, I call bullshit. Because at 160 pounds, I ran a marathon in 3:41. And this year, I plan to do it in 3:30,” she wrote. “Strength doesn’t look a certain way—it feels a certain way.” Roberts uses her ‘grams to showcase messages about positive body image and continues to rewrite the rules on how runners “should” look.

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Morgan Sjogren: @running_bum_

The Land Lover

From Bears Ears to Bishop, Sjogren goes just about anywhere her running shoes and yellow Jeep will take her. Her driving factor? A deep love for the wild and the urge to explore and protect the land beneath her feet. Plus, as a self-proclaimed dirtbag runner, she knows a thing or two about roughing it.

Devon Yanko: @fastfoodie

The Running Baker

Pro runner Yanko is known for her unconventional approach to running. In short, she runs a lot of miles, and though she was officially Oiselle’s first trail runner, she still pounds plenty of pavement. Oh, and Yanko owns a bakery called M.H. Bread and Butter, complete with croissants, cookies, and fresh bread.

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Jenn Shelton: @sheltonjenn

The Champion of Fun

Shelton has been known to log insane mileage with rosé in her backpack, dance on mountaintops, and return from trail outings covered completely in mud. She’s rarely seen without a million-watt grin, but don’t let her carefree attitude fool you. When it comes time to race, Shelton makes for some stiff competition.

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