State Offices of Outdoor Recreation Reveal Americans’ Love for Time Outside

There are 17 state offices of recreation aimed at helping citizens spend more time in nature. Here’s a running list.

If you live in the United States, time outside probably means something to you. Of the entire U.S. population, nearly half of people age 6 and older participated in an outdoor activity in 2017, according to the Outdoor Industry Association. And a growing body of research shows that a regular nature fix can help reduce mental illness symptoms, promote well-being and enable us to live healthier lives. As more Americans prioritize time outside, state leaders are adapting to the growing demand by forming new offices of outdoor recreation aimed at improving outdoor access, promoting conservation, growing the outdoor recreation economy and more.

To learn about the state offices of outdoor recreation, read the Co-op Journal’s previous coverage: 

And follow this at-a-glance guide to see the current state offices and when they were formed:

State Offices of Outdoor Recreation by the Year

  • Washington stands up a Task Force on Parks and Outdoor Recreation. It calls for an office. In 2015, legislation creates a Policy Advisor for Outdoor Recreation and Economic Development.
  • Wyoming forms a task force to study the state’s recreation needs. The study recommends the creation of an office, and in 2017 the Outdoor Recreation Office is established.

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