New Ruffwear Jackets Get Two Paws Up

I am River. I have many important jobs. I’m the one who keeps the floors spotless, alerts my family if any intruders get too close to our house and makes sure my human gets enough exercise. I was also recently tasked with testing out two new jackets with my friend, Arrow.

If I’m honest, the jackets smelled funny when we first put them on. But I know from experience that the more they’re worn, the more loved and dirt speckled they will become. It wasn’t long before they started feeling like home—reminding me of the long walks I take with my human in the dense, green woods and the short trips we make to the waterside to scuffle in the sand.

Arrow in the Stumptown.

Arrow tried out the Stumptown, an everyday jacket that feels as comfy trotting around town as it does in misty mountain meadows. She liked the quilted design that provided just enough warmth for the crisp fall day when we were out on our gear-testing adventure. It was also plenty strong—tough enough to withstand rolling in the grass and even little nibbles from other dogs.

There is great DWR on the Stumptown.

When Arrow got splashed, the durable water repellent (DWR) caused the water to bead up and roll off her, like water off a duck’s back as you’re chasing it out of water.

Leash attachment.

Also, there was a little leash portal to connect to her harness underneath the jacket. Although off-leash is way more fun, we both agreed.

River in the Wind Sprinter.

The jacket I tried is called the Wind Sprinter. It’s made, my human said, for unpredictable adventures. Like when we head out in foggy, cool temperatures in the moody morning, and then watch it all burn off on muggy afternoons.

The whole jacket packs into this zippered pocket.

The Wind Sprinter is super light, but also super durable. It’s made of something called nylon ripstop, which cuts wind blasts, plus coated with DWR, which lets light rain just roll off. I like scrambling through briar patches off-trail on the hunt for new animal smells, so this jacket was made with me in mind.

See those leg loops?

See the leg loops? They’re comfy and soft, and keep the jacket where it belongs—even on high ridgeline runs when the wind is blustery.

The leash portal.

The leash portal lets my human toss a leash on me and connect to my harness when I’m feeling too frisky to behave off-leash. And the green zipper at the collar lets the whole jacket pack into its own pocket! I like this, because when it’s too warm, my human simply takes the jacket off and puts it in their pack—so I don’t have to carry anything.

All in all, we’ve decided that these jackets are perfect for fall and winter weather. Doggos everywhere: Ask your humans for these for the holidays. Plus plenty of meaty bones.

Sizing Guide

These jackets fit us so well because we measured (we both wore S). And because Ruffwear makes it easy to figure out the right size.

Simply measure your pup’s girth by wrapping tailor’s tape (or a string that you measure later) around the widest part of their ribcage. Then use their handy-dandy chart to figure out which size is right for your doggy!

Girth Size
13 – 17 in (33 – 43 cm) XXS
17 – 22 in (43 – 56 cm) XS
22 – 27 in (56 – 69 cm) S
27 – 32 in (69 – 81 cm) M
32 – 36 in (81 – 91 cm) L
36 – 42 in (91 – 107 cm) XL

Want to learn more? Click for the Stumptown and the Wind Sprinter.


All photos by Charlotte Gane.

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