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Aer Parris

Aer Parris

Hailing from the city that never sleeps, writer and adventurer Aer Parris escaped the hustle during a cross-country cycling trip and never looked back. Happiest while on endurance trips, Aer is making plans for a thru hike of the Continental Divide Trail. REI member since 2012.

Stories by Aer Parris...
camp cooking

The Perfect Kit for Camp Cooking

Ever since earthlings discovered the power of an open flame in transforming basic foodstuffs, we’ve been gathering to enjoy the bounty of the planet. The divers...
Person inside a tent trying to hold it down as wind blows it away.

Epic Camping Fails

We’ve all made mistakes in the outdoors. It’s just part of the journey. Maybe you packed two left climbing shoes, booked the wrong campsite or forgot the cookin...
Kay's puffy red jacket

Gear I Hold Dear: My Handsewn Puffy

A version of this story appeared in the summer 2020 issue of Uncommon Path.  When I run my hands over my red jacket—now quite grubby around the seams—a memor...
Two young children on a backpacking trip

Gear I Hold Dear: My First Pack

A version of this story appeared in the winter 2020 issue of Uncommon Path.  We had just made it to our camp above Crater Lake when large, wet snowflakes sta...
An empty, stark airplane.

How to Prepare for a Long Flight

I had long dreamed of visiting Jordan—of smearing black mud on my face and bobbing 1,410 feet below sea level in the Dead Sea, riding through sun-worn sandstone...