Trail Boss: Max G’s on Florida’s Dirt Roller Coaster

Even the techy-trail master wants some flow every now and then

Last year I took a trip to Alafia River State Park in Florida to film an episode of Trail Boss and a lot of people commented that I should check out Balm Boyette the next time I was in town. So, I headed back to Florida this winter to see if the trail system lived up to the hype and I wasn’t disappointed! Ridgeline, in particular, was the area’s standout trail–it rides like a dirt roller coaster with massive G-outs and fast, tight turns. Needless to say, it’s a ton of fun.

My filmer, Andrew Fischer, demonstrating some “foot-out flat-out” style on Ridgeline. Photo: Jeff Lenosky

This is a fast, flowy trail that’s easy to loop over and over again. I recommend taking a sight run your first time through because many of the rollers that follow the G-outs have totally blind exits but they beg to be launched. There are tons of go-arounds, so use them on the first lap to get comfortable with the terrain. Once you’re familiar with this trail you’ll want to ride it as fast as possible, so look far ahead, lay off the brakes, and let your momentum carry you up and over the hills!

Ridgeline Trail Map and Information

Follow trials riding champion Jeff Lenosky on his quest to clean the country’s toughest trails. Trail Boss S2:E2

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