Trail Boss: Climb the Treacherous Waterfall on Phoenix, Arizona’s National Trail


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The Trail Boss battles Phoenix, Arizona’s roughest trail

The good news? These rocks have great traction. The bad news? You’ll be redlined as you power over a seemingly endless barrage of ledges.

In this episode of Trail Boss, I’ll take you for a ride UP Phoenix, AZ’s notoriously technical National Trail. Located in South Mountain Preserve, this trail is riddled with challenging rock obstacles throughout, but the infamous “waterfall” takes the crown as its toughest.

After using the trail’s lower portion as a warm-up, you’ll have a good taste of the spice that is to come at the waterfall. This feature’s lower half is by far the crux and the only place that I needed to use some trials moves to get through. If you clean this section, pat yourself on the back and take advantage of the short rest before cranking through the second half, which is much more straight-forward.

Thinking about going guided? Set up a private mountain biking tour at the Phoenix REI Co-op Adventure Center to learn the ropes with an expert local guide.

Reaping the rewards of a brutally technical ascent | Photo: Jeff Lenosky

Follow trials riding champion Jeff Lenosky on his quest to clean the country’s toughest trails. Trail Boss S1:E2

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