4 of the Sweetest Animal Friendships We’ve Seen

Fuzzy friendships in honor of National Best Friends Day


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Who’s your best adventure buddy? For the friends on this list, it’s someone a little fuzzier (or, in one case, fluffier) than you and me. Here’s a list of four of the sweetest animal friendships we’ve seen.

Henry the Dog and Baloo the Cat


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Henry’s mom, Cynthia Bennett, owned Henry for about three years before adopting Baloo as a kitten in 2017. Right away, Baloo attached himself to Henry. Henry didn’t know what to think at first, but he seemed to fall in love with his new brother after their first hike together (Baloo had only been with the family for five days). Both of the animals come from tough pasts and have their own struggles—Henry with separation anxiety and Baloo with shyness—but Cynthia says Baloo soothes Henry’s anxieties and Henry gives Baloo courage. That’s what friendship is all about.

“After only having Baloo for a week, I took Henry and Baloo on a camping trip to Telluride, Colorado. I’ll never forget waking up the first morning, and seeing Henry’s face light up when he saw that Baloo was with us. I think he desperately wanted a friend, and finally got one in Baloo, a furry friend to share the things he loves most in this world (everything outdoors and bacon),” Cynthia said.

Elway the Duck and His Seven Pups



This rescued Cayuga duck has been raised by his seven best dog friends since his current owner, Lindsay Shafer, adopted him in 2018. After arriving at his new home in Connecticut, Elway began following the pups from place to place—just wanting to be close to them. Before long he was eating dinner next to the pups, playing with them and even sleeping next to them. Today, anytime a visitor comes over, the dogs run to say hello and Elway flies over right behind. And his favorite of the seven? Stout the Chihuahua, who he plays with nonstop.

“It’s heartwarming and it’s humbling that these creatures—two completely different species—just make it work. In a world where there is so much hatred and judgment, all of the dogs and this tiny little duck are just happy. Seeing them just let their differences go truly changes the way you think and the way that you interact with others,” Lindsay said.

Watson and Kiko the Dogs



The friendship between Watson and Kido was instant. Watson was a high-energy puppy when Jennifer Medrano adopted Kiko in 2015, but the pups’ first day together ended with a cuddle, and from that moment on, they were besties. Watson is an emotional support dog, and it turns out that Kiko has anxiety, too. According to Jennifer, Watson has been an immense help, showing Kiko how to be more confident in himself. And his hugs help, too.

“And I’ve learned so much by watching Watson and Kiko’s friendship grow, not just how they are kind to each other, but to see the kindness they show to others. The best moments between those two is when they are outdoors being dogs enjoying something as simple as a walk in the woods. It’s when they enjoy each other’s company the most and they have big puppy smiles,” Jennifer said.

Julie the Dog and Grietje the Goat



Julie, a Saint Bernard, used to have a best dog friend named Guust and, when he passed away, Julie started looking for other friends on the farm. First, Julie fell in love with a sick kitten, Victor, who Julie licked and cuddled into health. Next up was a kid goat named Hans whose mother had just passed. Julie would let Hans stand on her, just like baby goats do with their mothers. Most recently, Julie has taken in two orphaned lambs, and according to her owner, Isolde Mattart, Julie is as sweet with them as she is with all the other animals on the farm.

“Love is all that matters and my animals show me this on a daily basis. Love all and love with entire heart, just like my dogs do when the farm family expands. It’s heartwarming and that’s why I keep sharing them on Instagram. They brighten up my days and they show that love is the only way to go,” Isolde said.

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