8 Tips for Turning Your Living Space Into Your Very Own Campsite

Plan your next camping trip using inspiration from these eight indoor adventurers.

There are many ways to bring nature inside—make a backyard or patio herb garden, stream nature scenes, create your own climbing wall. But if you’re really missing the outdoors, why not morph a portion of your home into a full-blown campsite?

During a period when many of us are spending more time than ever indoors, it’s become increasingly important to find space for the things that bring us comfort. Even if that means getting a computer-screen campfire crackling. We asked our Instagram audience for the best indoor-camping tips, and this is what you came up with.

Create a View

Missing the mountains or just craving a bit of green? Take a page from Kyle Gallaher’s book and position your tent in front of a piece of outdoor artwork or a large window. Even if your view is a bit more urban than your favorite campsite, you’ll still catch a glimpse of the night sky once the sun sets.

Stream Nature

Take advantage of your Wi-Fi connection like these two did by streaming a campfire, a starry sky or forest sounds from your device.

Step Outside

Craving fresh air? If it’s possible, retreat to your yard or patio to set up your site like this camper did. Then you can take your conference calls from the comfort of your tent (for real this time, ahem)


Play Games

These two have the right idea. Ditch your cell phone, turn off the lights, flip on your headlamp and lose yourself in your favorite board or word game.

Light It Up

These campers created an extra-cozy ambience by decorating their setup with some snazzy lights. You can find some of your own camp lights here.


Bring Entertainment

One benefit of indoor camping: having your home library within reach. Dig into a good book, podcast or adventure movie from the comfort of your tent. Looking for a recommendation? We wholeheartedly suggest the Camp Monsters podcast.   

Invite Your Best Friend

No leash laws at this spot. Doggos make for great indoor camp companions (as long as you can keep them from hogging the tent).

Be Creative

Setting up your site is half the fun of camping, right? Get crafty like these two campers did by hanging outdoor-themed posters on the wall, creating a fake fire pit and arranging plants near your space.


Have any more tips for creating a campsite inside your home? Let us know in the comments.