DIY: How to Plant and Grow Herbs in a Pot

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Planting a little herb garden is a great way to get a taste of nature without venturing away from home. You can plant one or more herbs in a decorative container with only a little bit of potting soil and a few rocks to help with drainage. Then set it in the sun, visit it frequently to water and find out how good it feels to enjoy the fragrant results. 

How to plant herbs

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What you’ll need:

  • Small rocks
  • Herb plant
  • Small shovel
  • Potting soil
  • 8–16 container
  • Fertilizer


1. The Container

An 8-inch pot works for a single plant; 16 inches or larger is best for multiple plants. The pot can be clay or plastic, but it needs to have a hole in the bottom for drainage.

2. Drainage

Place a 1-inch layer of small rocks in the bottom of your container.

3. Soil

Add some potting soil, filling the container about halfway up.

4. Planting

Gently tip the herb plant out of its original container and place it in your prepared pot. Fill the remaining space with soil.

5. Fertilize

Add your favorite herb-friendly fertilizer to give your plant a boost, following the product instructions.

6. Water and Sun

Give your new plant a healthy dose of water, enough to moisten the soil all the way through. Find a suitable spot outside (could be a stoop, window box or corner of your backyard), and then follow your herb’s planting directions to know how much sun and water it prefers.

7. Harvesting

When your plant has grown a little, you’ll be able to pinch some leaves to enjoy in your favorite recipe.

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