Mogollon Monster


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If you’re looking for a beautiful sunset, go to the Mogollon Rim in Arizona.  They call it the Rim because that’s what it is: the rim of the giant Colorado plateau, where it drops off into the pine forest lowlands below.  Most of the Rim is National Forest, so you can drive or hike or bike or even ride horseback to countless viewpoints where you can watch the descending sun turn everything a glowing red.

But you know this episode isn’t about beautiful sunsets.  It’s about what has sometimes been seen along the Mogollon Rim after sunset. When it gets dark out. When the shadows start to lengthen and take on shapes …

People call it the Mogollon Monster, a Bigfoot like creature sneaking around in the wilderness out there.  But those who have seen it, they don’t like to describe it at all.  Because describing it takes them back out into the dark desert night, into an all-surrounding darkness … a darkness that suddenly reaches out to grab them.

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Series artwork by Tyler Grobowsky.




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