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A Cool Mother's Day Story: Climbin' Mamas Remind Us Why We Love Our Moms

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and we at REI want to salute moms everywhere and offer a special nod of appreciation to all the moms who have sparked a love for the outdoors in their kids and their friends.

To celebrate the occasion we invite you to check out Smith Rock Mamas, a choice selection from REI’s Member Stories video collection, a production of REI’s talented video crew.

In it you’ll meet Aimee, an REI member from Bend, Ore., and a pair of her friends. All of them have young children, and all of them love to climb. They’ve come to Aimee’s neighborhood climbing playground, famed Smith Rock State Park, for a little fun and vertical challenge.

What attracted these young moms to Smith’s dramatic rock faces?

“I’ve always loved climbing because of the beautiful places it takes you,” Aimee says. “You’re out there, and you look around and, like, Smith Rock—it’s just amazing. You don’t get sick of coming out here. And it’s healthy! It’s just a great form of exercise that keeps you strong, but it’s so rewarding at the same time.”

Great stuff. My mom was no climber (ha; scaredy cat was more like it), but she loved being in the sunshine, and her love for flowers got me fired up about marching into the mountains to see horizons full of wildflowers. Hats off to all the fantastic moms who love their families, their friends and the outdoors.


Posted on at 12:30 PM

Tagged: Climbing, REI Member Stories, Rock climbing and Smith Rock

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special Mother's day experience and story.

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