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Exercising Outside: If the Fitness Intelligentsia is Doing It, It's Up to the Rest of Us to Catch Up

We think we spotted a trend in the Time magazine article titled “Health Tips from Some of the Fittest People Out There.” When asked about their personal fitness regimens, the majority of the health-minded thinkers interviewed mentioned pursuing fitness goals outdoors.

Does fresh air have a place in an effective exercise program? So it appears. Here are some outtakes from the Time article:

Dr. Sonu S. Ahluwalia, Clinical Chief, Division of Orthopedic Surgery at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and chief of the center’s sports medicine division:

“I do strength training and cardio which includes hiking in the outdoors approximately 3 days a week. It is nice to be able to exercise outdoors because it is a great way to de-stress and to see friends on the canyon trail.”


Outdoor training can spur people to keep pursuing goals. (REI photo Damon Parrish)

Dr. David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon General

“I get active every day of the week, walking, jogging, rowing, and even gardening.”

Jess Kolko, Registered Dietitian for Whole Foods Market:

“I’m an avid runner and long distance triathlete, but I also practice yoga and enjoy being active outside.”

Tamal Dodge, owner and founder of the Tamal Yoga School:

“I practice yoga every day, but I make sure it’s a balance. If I do a hard vinyasa flow practice one day, I’ll go more restorative the next. I’ll do something every day. I ride my bike, I surf and swim. Whatever I’m doing, I try to do something that I enjoy. That gives me the motivation to stick with it.”

Will Gadd, climber, kayaker:

“I do 4 sports at a high level (rock climbing, ice climbing, paragliding and kayaking), and again I’ve tried a lot of different training schemes over the years. Today I primarily train by doing my sports; my goals are performance based, not about looking good or dominating a barbell. I need to be actually good at my specific sports, and sports-specific training works for me.”

Today is the first day of spring. Maybe take a cue from these brainy folks and step outside for a little exercise.


Seek out an outdoor spot that appeals to you and go. (REI photos Damon Parrish)

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Get Fit. Great. Except REI is putting the CEO of the Vitamin Shoppe, Anthony Truesdale on our Board. The Vitamin Shoppe, which sells nutritional supplements, sells Jack3d containing DMAA. Developed by Eli Lilly as a decongestant, DMAA was banned by the World Anti Doping Agency in 2010. Britan, Swede, Denmark, Finaland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia have effectively banned supplments containing DMAA. Jack3d has been banned by the US military after the death of a recruit during training. A British coroner sited Jack3d in the death of Calir Squires who collapsed and died during the London Marathon. So what is this merchant of dangerous supplements doing on the REI board. Get Fit. Get Dead. Its all good.

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