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Dreaming of a Romantic Getaway? Try This: a 9-Month Honeymoon in the Canadian Boonies

Hey romantics: What’s your idea of a fantastic, outdoorsy honeymoon spot?

How about this?

• A patch of deep wilderness land near the Arctic Circle, in a remote corner of Canada’s Northwest Territories.

• You get there via bush plane, and once you’re dropped off you start gathering materials to build a shelter from scratch.

• You hunker down for 9 months, including a Canadian winter. No electricity, no plumbing, no connections to the civilized world, and your love only grows deeper.


Andy and Heidi Brun pose outisde their self-built cabin in the Canadian wilderness. (Photo from 1980 courtesy of Exped)

That was the notion of a romantic Shangri-La held by a pair of Swiss lovebirds, Andy and Heidi Brun, a few decades ago.

We told their adventurous tale in this blog last year, and we invite you to revisit their story as we close in on one of the calendar’s most romance-minded dates.

Andy went on to establish the outdoor gear brand Exped, and decades after their wilderness adventure the couple (shown in a 2011 photo to the right) remains enamored with each other and the outdoors.

It’s a great story. Share it with your sweetie, and enjoy.

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Tagged: Andy Brun, Exped, Heidi Brun, honeymoon, romance and wilderness

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