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Hail to the Peaks: A Survey of Presidential Names in High Places

On this Presidents' Day weekend we ask: How many U.S. presidents have mountains named after them?

We invite readers to point out any flaws in our research or any peaks that we missed, but here’s what we found:

At least 11, with Thomas Jefferson leading the pack with 14 high points of at least 700 feet bearing the name, a dozen named Mount Jefferson, a pair named Jefferson Mountain. (A few are not listed here.) This assumes all were named for the third president, not for a Bubba Jefferson.


Mount Jefferson (10,497 feet) is Oregon's second-highest peak. (Photo: T.D. Wood)

Presidential Peaks by State


• Mount McKinley, better known as Denali (big, ongoing controversy there), 20,320 feet.

Mount Hayes (13,822 feet) is named after a geologist, not Rutherford B. Hayes.


Mount Wilson, 5,712 feet, is named for an early explorer, not the president

Adams Peak (north or Lake Tahoe), 8,196 feet (naming origin unknown; might be named after photographer Ansel Adams, as is Mount Ansel Adams, 11,766 feet, on a border shared by Yosemite the Ansel Adams Wilderness.)


• Mount Lincoln, 14,293 feet
• Mount Adams, 12,121 feet (naming origin unknown, as with other Mount Adams listed below, but we're thinking it's for the prez)
Jefferson Hill, 10, 511 feet, northeast of Fairplay

Notes on other tall peaks in Colorado:

• Mount Wilson, 14,246 feet, is named for a member of a surveying party, not Woodrow Wilson.
• Clinton Peak, 13,857, has no unverified naming origin we have found.
• Mount Jackson, 13,676 feet, is named for photographer Williams Henry Jackson, not Andrew Jackson, president No. 7.


• Mount Jefferson, 10,216 feet


• Mount Jefferson, 755 feet (the shortest peak in this list)


• Mount Jackson, 10,052 feet (naming origin is unknown, but we're guessing it might be for the seventh prez)
Lincoln Peak, 7,450 feet, in Glacier National Park


Jefferson Needle (aka The Nameless Tower), 12,630 feet, Great Basin National Park
• Mount Jefferson, 11,949 feet
• Mount Lincoln, 8,569 feet, Stillwater Range

New Hampshire

(home of the White Mountains and the well-known Presidential Range)

• Mount Washington, 6,288 feet, the highest peak in the northeast U.S.
• Mount Adams, 5,793 named for John Adams, the second president
• Mount Jefferson, 5,712 feet, for the third president
• Mount Madison, 5,367, for James Madison, the fourth president
• Mount Monroe, 5,372, for James Monroe, the fifth prez. Note: An error in surveying originally listed this peak as shorter than Madison.
• Mount Lincoln, 5,089 feet, in the Franconia Range of the Whites
• Mount Eisenhower, 4,780 feet, also part of the Presidential Range

New Mexico

• Mount Taylor, 11,305 feet, for Zachary Taylor; the peak’s Navajo name is Tsoodzil

New York

T R Mountain, 3,822 feet, in the Adirondacks, named for Teddy Roosevelt
(Thanks to Linda Lu for pointing out this peak)
• Mount Adams, 3,520 feet
• Mount Jefferson, 2,738 feet

North Carolina

• Mount Jefferson, 4,665 feet


• Mount Lincoln, 2,201 feet, Wichita Mountains


• Mount Jefferson 10,497 feet, the second-highest peak in Oregon

South Dakota

• Mount Theodore Roosevelt, 5,676 feet, in the southern Black Hills, with a historic stone tower on the summit


• Mount Abraham, 4,006 feet
Lincoln Peak, 3,975 feet
(Thanks to reader Jerry DeCapua for pointing out the peaks named for Lincoln; other peaks in the Presidential Range of the Green Mountains follow:)
• Mount Grant, 3,623 feet, for Ulysses
• Mount Cleveland, 3,482, for Grover
• Mount Roosevelt, 3,528 feet, for Teddy
• Mount Wilson, 3,780 feet, for Woodrow


• Mount Jefferson, 880 feet (where McCormick Observatory was built in 1885)


• Mount Adams, 12,276 feet
• Mount Washington, 6,260 feet
• Mount Roosevelt, 5,835 feet, Alpine Lakes Wilderness (we're getting this is named for Teddy; a Seattle-area high school is named Roosevelt; nickname: Roughriders)


• Jackson Peak, 13,517 feet, eighth-highest in the state (naming origin, though, is unknown)
Mount Woodrow Wilson, 13,502 feet, ninth-highest in the state

Footnote: What is involved in getting a mountain named? This story from The Atlantic provides a look at one person’s ongoing efforts to get a peak in Nevada named after Ronald Reagan.

A nod of appreciation to and for being fine resources.

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Jerry DeCapua

Lincoln Peak in VT. El 3,924 ft. Also Mt Abraham is also named for the 16th prez at 4,017 ft. Both are part of the same ridgeline and The Long Trail connects them.

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T.D. Wood Staff Member

Thanks for the heads-up, Jerry. I'm surprised I haven't been able to find more peaks named after Lincoln.

LindaLu Staff Member

T R Mountain (elevation 3822 ft) in the Adirondacks of New York state is named for Teddy Roosevelt.

T.D. Wood Staff Member

Thanks, Linda. The list has been updated with your addition.


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