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Traveling Internationally? Get Tips on Electricity Adapters from REI Expert Advice

Hair dryers? Tablets? Laptops? If you want to bring such electricity-based gadgets on your international trips, it’s wise to be prepared—or a dead device and a cloud of smoke could be the unintended result.

Our Electricity Guide for Travelers article has just been updated by John Higgins, a well-traveled Australian who works as a product expert at the REI Salt Lake City store. John's article is one of more than 300 topics covered in the REI Expert Advice online library.

Electrical adapters

As the article notes, there is no international standard for electrical power supply or outlet configurations. Fortunately, for most travelers, a simple adapter plug is all that is needed. Some devices, however, also require a converter or transformer to power up safely.

To understand the difference, check out the Electricity Guide for Travelers article. Additional information is available on John’s more-detailed companion articles: Electricity Guide: FAQs and Glossary and Electricity Guide: Voltage and Outlets by Country.

Do you have questions about outdoor or travel gear? Let us know what topics you'd like REI Expert Advice to discuss.

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Tagged: REI Expert Advice, Travel and electrical adapters

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