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Let's Hear It for the Flugbjorgunarsveitin, Iceland's 18,000 Search and Rescue Volunteers

Search and rescue volunteers: They never get enough thanks, never get enough recognition, never get the stadium-size applause and cheers that their selfless work deserves.

So hats off to Jeffrey Kofman of ABC News for his report last month on the 18,000 volunteers of ICE-SARS—the Iceland Association for Search and Rescue, known natively as the Flugbjorgunarsveitin. Loosely translated, I’m guessing that means dedicated people who don’t get enough credit for the sacrifices they make.

Check out Kofman’s report below, which aired on ABC’s Nightline. Imagine, more than 5% of Iceland’s population consists of SAR volunteers. Impressive.

All images: ABC News.

Posted on at 11:00 AM

Tagged: Search and Rescue

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