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Home for the Holidays? Not Even Close

Holiday traditions typically mean sweaters and fruitcakes. But for those of us with the itch to travel, the holidays mean something else entirely. Try, for example, sunny skies and sandy beaches.

The staff of REI Adventures is full of such travel-minded people, so we recently got our heads together and came up with a few of our personal favorite destinations for holiday travel.

Galapagos Islands


Over the river and through the woods to the Galapagos Islands we go. We love to kayak with sea lions in turquoise waters and sunbathe on a warm beach.

Here’s a tip from REI Adventures staffer Janel: “Our winter is a great time to visit because it is the warmest time to go both for air and water temperatures. It also offers the best visibility for snorkeling and observing marine life face-to-face, like marine iguanas.”

Costa Rica


With the kids out of school, the holidays are a great opportunity to take a family vacation when some destinations aren’t buzzing with the summer crowd. Costa Rica is a fantastic, family-friendly destination: Raft down the Rio Jatunyacu, learn ancient Amazonian traditions from native communities, soak it up in natural hot springs, hike along an active volcano…we can tell you, but maybe it’s best to see for yourself:



During the summer, the tropics can be scorching—but winter is a great time to take advantage of milder weather. This time of year, Thailand cools off while staying dry. Pedal through rice paddies, visit golden temples, and relax on a sunny beach. Thailand is a winter destination that has it all. Personally, mee krop and som tam beat the heck out of turkey and ham.

Fun in the Snow


The holiday season isn’t just a time for trotting the globe; sometimes it’s nice to get away for a few days and experience the best that winter has to offer. Spend a weekend learning to ice climb in New Hampshire, look closer to home for ski and snowboard lessons or sleep in a hut while snowshoeing in the White Mountains.

It’s not too late to plan such an adventure. We’ve still got spots available on many trips left in 2012. Our friendly staff would be happy to chat with you about their favorite winter destinations. Or you can always check out our trips online.

These, of course, are just a few of our favorites. When it’s dark and dreary out your window, where do you dream of going? Do you have a favorite winter getaway?

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good shots and sharing, so good landscape like the movie, Life of Pie.

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