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Fun Gift Ideas from the REI Toy Department

Last week we rolled out a list of food items we think would make dandy gifts. A chocolate bar made with potato chips or maple bacon, anyone? This time we rummage around for gift ideas inside the ol’ REI toy box:


Aerobie Pro Flying Ring: Once you master the technique, you can fling this ring (with its 13-inch diameter and soft rubber edge) the length of a football field or even further. This thing really flies.

Nite Ize Flashflight Disc-O: Few things are more entertaining than tossing around a glowing, multicolored disc with your friends. Check out the clip below:


Innova Disc Golf DX Golf Set (3 Discs): This 3-disc package fills your quiver with all the tools (driver, midrange, approach-and-putt) required for taming any disc golf course. Excellent for those new to the sport.

Outside Inside Backpacker Bocce Set: A quality product (just 12 ounces) that has been a hit at REI. In an earlier version of this post I asked if anyone knows how to pronouce bocce. An REI colleague, Stephen Martin, kindly responded: "I have friends in Italy who teach English there. They assure me it's BOH-chay if you want to satisfy the roots of the word, or you're playing with a bunch of European folks and don't want them to make fun of you. Otherwise, here in the States we've kind of made it BAH-chee."

Bananagrams Anagram Game: Hand the wordsmiths in your campsite this sack (left) and its 144 lettered tiles and challenge them to speedily form their own crosswords. Just 13 oz.

Brilliant Creatures Puzzles: Colorful animals, interesting puzzles that can keep kids 8 and up mentally engaged for long stretches during drives to the campsite or to visit Gram and Gramps.


Mattel Angry Birds Card Game and Angry Birds Space Race Board Game: Avoid draining your phone’s battery; use these alternatives to get in your Angry Birds fix. Board game shown above. The lightweight card game slips right into your pack.

Lego Darth Vader Minifigure LED Headlamp: Kids can brighten up the Dark Side with the twin LED lamps found in the feet of this mini-Vader.  “Luke! I am your headlamp!” Lord Vader is also available as a flashlight (with lightsaber) and a keychain light.

Lego Yoda Minifigure LED Keychain Light: Give Yoda’s chest a press and lights beam out of each of his feet.

Fun Discoveries Worth a Look

Front Porch Classics Bowling Zombies Game: Proof that nowadays there is a zombie for every occasion.

Daddy-O Productions Road Trip Game: A fun board game that tests your gang's knowledge of travel in America.

Jr. RangerLand Animal Tracks Matching Game: Helps kids connect tracks with the animals that make them. The game is made in the USA, too.

Tin Can Robot and Solar Rover Robot Kits: Give empty soda cans a second life. Attach mechanical body parts, motorized wires, even moving eyes to them with Tin Can Robot. Or try Solar Rover Robot (see left) and let your kid switch into mad-scientist mode and turn the sun-driven rover loose.

Forest Animal-opoly Board Game:
A board game that determines who in your group is the best caretaker of the forest. It resembles the look of Cycle-opoly, shown below.


Cycle-opoly Board Game
The very cool game board is shown above. The idea: See how many times you can zoom past Go (or Pedal, as it's called in this game) and race across the U.S.

Jr. RangerLand Skunk In The Campground Game: Shown to the right. It's a fun version of Old Maid for campers. The goal: Make lots of pairs; just do NOT get stuck with the skunk.

For ages 4 and up, and like the Animal Tracks Matching Game from Jr. RangerLand, it's made in the USA.

Have fun.

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McQuickdraw Staff Member

Darth Vader LED headlamp is beyond awesome.

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