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Gift Hunting? Maybe REI's #giftpicks Can Help

Quandary: You need to buy an outdoorsy gift.

Inner wish: Access to people with deep gear smarts for fast advice.

Maybe REI’s #giftpicks can help.

For 3 days a team of brainy salespeople and some funsters from REI’s video department fielded questions sent to REI via Twitter and Facebook. Each question came with the hashtag #giftpicks attached.

The gang creatively addressed as many questions as they could each afternoon. Lots of requests were pretty specific. Yet even if you're not shopping for an archeologist girlfriend, the suggestions our crew offers up might still hit your gift-giving bulls-eye. Click any of the video samplers below and enjoy some low-tech fun.

Note: The content of this post was updated on the afternoon of Dec. 14 after our crew finished accepting questions from Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Thanks to all who submitted questions. We wish we could have had time to answer them all.

Posted on at 8:00 AM

Tagged: Expert Advice, REI Expert Advice and gifts

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