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Seeking a Summer Internship? Grad Students Can Apply Now With the National Park Service

Are you:
• A college graduate student?
• Studying business, public policy, environmental management or related fields?
• Looking for a summer internship?
• Interested in national parks?

If so, consider applying for a National Parks Business Plan Internship (BPI). If selected, you could spend 11 weeks as a summer consultant at a national park while being mentored by a project manager.


Past National Park Business Plan interns at Grand Teton National Park. (NPS photo)


• It’s an 11-week program, June through August.

• Summer consultants receive a weekly stipend, housing at the project site, and transportation at the start and finish of the program.

• Parks sponsoring summer consultants in 2013 have not yet been identified. Past sites have ranged from Yellowstone to Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

• Applications are due January 13, 2013.

• Learn more by enrolling in a free, 1-hour live webinar set for Thursday, January 3, at 2pm EST (11am PST).


NPS overview.

Net Impact website (NPS partner); offers links to job description, FAQs, online application and other items of interest.

Live January 3 webinar application.

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Tagged: National Park Service, internships and summer

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