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A Great Gift to Share: Time Spent Outdoors

Got free time? Most people do on Dec. 25. The suggestion here is to spend some of it outdoors.

Take a stroll. Look at the sky. Share some fresh air with family and friends. Enjoy how revitalizing life feels at a human-powered pace. It's a nice gift to give yourself, plus a recent study says time spent in nature will help your creativity soar.

Recognizing that there's so much cool stuff to see outdoors, our gift to you is this collection of photos from the National Park Service and Department of Interior. May it inspire you to dream, yearn and ultimately go.


Looking east from Pima Point, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona; photo by Michael Quinn, the park's visual information specialist, taken in August 2009.


The view from the Sentinel Dome webcam late Monday morning, Yosemite National Park, California.


The same Sentinel Dome webcam view as seen on Dec. 19.


A recent sunrise view of the Grand Tetons, Wyoming. (Photo: D. Lehle/NPS)


Wizard Island at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. (NPS photo)


Southern Pickets, North Cascades National Park, Washington. (Photo: Andrew Pringle/NPS)


Winter at Canyonlands National Park, Utah. (NPS photo)


Crashing waves at Acadia National Park, Maine. (Photo: Michael Rickard/NPS)


Picture yourself here: Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon. (Photo: Michael Quinn/NPS)

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Tagged: Acadia, Canyonlands, Crater Lake, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, North Cascades, Photography, Yosemite, national parks and rainbow

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