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A List of Lists for Top-Shelf Outdoor Gift Ideas

You need a gift. We’ve got lists of gifts. Pretty good ones, we think. So if you’re on an idea quest, consider having a look:

Food: In this list we highlighted interesting energy foods. Antioxidant mints. Dark chocolate bars plus potato chips or maple bacon. Even chocolate wedges infused with Tabasco.

Crazy? Maybe, but those unusual concoctions are more tasty fun than oddball absurdity. The gourmands among us really dig 'em.

So take a chance. Click the link above to discover fun ways to send a friend’s taste buds out on Mr. Toad’s Wild (Gastronomical) Ride.

Food, part 2: You could buy a specific dark chocolate bar from Seattle-based Theo Chocolate and support the world of Word Bicycle Relief, a nonprofit dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood in rural Africa through bicycles.

WBR has placed more than 122,000 bicycles in the field since its start in 2005.

Check out this profile of Theo Chocolate that aired Dec. 2 on CBS Sunday Morning:

Toys: Glowing flying discs. Zombie bowling. A kit that converts soda cans into solar-powered rovers. Angry Birds board game. Cycle-opoly. Darth Vader headlamps and flashlights. Cool stuff.

Enhanced digital books: New from FalconGuides (in association with electronic book innovator Inkling): electronic guidebooks with extras such as slideshows and trail tours that provide pop-up displays at numbered points on a map.

Honey, I shrunk the gear: Our guide to tiny gifts includes lightweight, itty-bitty items for outdoor recreation that are ingeniously designed to enhance time spent out in the fresh air—from a super-small action camera to teeny stoves, lights and multitools.

Random #giftpicks: For a few days REI’s social media crew invited people to tweet us with inquiries for particular gift needs. You may not be shopping for an archaeologist girlfriend, but maybe a few of the fun ideas suggested in our low-tech videos might stir your imagination:

For last-minute shopping and one-on-one guidance, connect with my teammates at your local REI store. They're smart people who really know their gear.

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Tagged: food, gifts and outdoor toys

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